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Joint Venture Partner for Pacific Fisheries SA, Chile

Client Cultor OY, Helsinki. Food additive group and owner of salmon feed company Ewos. The company has fish meal factories in Norway, Scotland, and Chile
Mission Locate professional fishing vessel operator for Cultor’s fish meal factory in Chile. Assist with co-operation agreement and assist with finance structure for the required two vessels.
Solution Heggeli contacted 9 established fishing vessel operators. One of the contacted prospects, Lie Brødrene on the West Coast of Norway had already fishing experience from Chilean waters. A joint venture company in Chile named Pacific Fisheries SA was formed by Cultor and Lie. Pacific Fisheries bought one vessel from Lie and ordered a hull in Polen that was equipped in Norway. Nordea Bank provided mortgage finance. Pacific Fisheries subsequently became a highly profitable venture


Pacific Fisheries SA report high yield

Chilenian Pacific Fisheries SA, the joint venture company betweeen Finish Cultor OY and Norwegian Lie Brødrene, succeeds with a high return on investments with it's modern vessels and its hull in Poland

Tore Heggeli - Pacific Fisheries SA, Chile Photo: Norwegian Business Journal (DN)

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