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New Operator for Gibraltar Shiprepair Yard

Client The Government of Gibraltar
Mission To find new operator for state owned Gibraltar Shiprepair Yard
Solution Heggeli prepared an information memorandum and contacted a longlist of about 70 ship yard operators around the world. About 30 yards responded positively. Heggeli then presented to the Government a shortlist of 8 recommended yard operators. Subsequently the Government chose to lease the yard to the well established conversion and repair yard company Cammel Llaird plc, Liverpool, who turned the yard into a profitable enterprise


Maritime Services - Ship Repair

Gibraltar's shiprepair and conversion facilities are among the most extensive in the Mediterranean. It is therefore hardly surprising that Gibraltar's shipyard and repair companies are always busy.

Gibraltar's history is steeped in naval tradition, and much of the work force have had many years experience working on naval vessels and commercial vessels. As a result the level of quality workmanship and expertise is renowned.

Gibraltar Dry Docks

The location of Gibraltar is another important factor in its success. The climate is ideal for year round work, and the Rock is never too far from shipping lanes for fast stop-over repairs. In addition, its friendly and amenable population ensure that any protracted stay for crew is a pleasurable experience.

Whether it's an emergency dry docking or a major repair contract, Gibraltar has all the necessary expertise and facilities in place.

Confident in the 'Rock'

-"Finance solutions involving close co-operation between traditional equity and debt finance, governmental capital incentive schemes and new finance instruments have to be packaged", Tore Heggeli says to Gibraltar Chronicle, steering clear of all controversy around the restructuring of Gibraltar Shiprepair Yard, expressing the branch wide need for fleet maintenance

Tore Heggeli - Gibraltar Shiprepair Yard

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